Catfish Dinner

A great blue heron catches a catfish dinner.

Catfish Dinner

Catfish Dinner

Feed Me!

A robin feeds her babies in the nest.

Feed Me!

Feed Me!

Wood Duck Swimming

A wood duck swimming up the river.


Red-winged Blackbird

A red-wing black bird perched on a tree.


Ring-necked Duck

This is the first I have seen this type of duck in the river. I believe this is a ring-necked duck.


Ducks of a Log

A raft of ducks on a log in the river.


Cormorant Takeoff

A cormorant using her feet to gain enough speed to takeoff.


Hog's Back Falls

Water rushing over the falls at Hog’s Back in Ottawa.


Timber Wolf

A timber wolf on the hunt for lunch.


Red Fox

A red fox on the hunt


Wood Duck Swimming

After a summer of looking for this guy, I finally found him swimming at Mud Lake in Ottawa.  The wood duck is one of the most colourful ducks native to this area.  This is the male wood duck with his bright colours.  I took this photography with my Canon 7D camera and a 400 mm lens.  The shutter speed was set to 1/800 second, the aperture was set to f5.6 and the ISO was set to 2000 to capture this low light photo. 

Male Wood Duck

Male Wood Duck